Your Faith & Business Can Work Together  

You want to move your business forward and realise that you that you need a mentor to help you. But,  you want someone who not only understands business but shares your faith too.. am I right?


You know that you've been called to do more in business but don't know how to fulfill your God given calling and run a successful business at the same time.  


You have been implementing all of the "right " business strategies but yet, you are not making the progress that you want  and you feel like something is missing?


You have felt conflicted in trying to implement business strategies that you see on the internet because that are not always compatible with your faith. You want to build a successful business that honours God at the same time. 

Why Me?


In my combined 20 years working with corporate and SME's, including my personal business experience as a serial, award winning entrepreneur, I have coached and mentored many leaders and business owners.  Coupled with my qualifications and Christian faith, I am equipped to help entrepreneurs in this space. 


I have run profitable businesses without having to compromise my faith and values and have been in the trenches to know how not to build a business. I believe that entrepreneurship is a calling and in order to fully own that space, Christians entrepreneurs need to know how to run their business and how to marry the works with their faith.

Your God-Given Business Vision Can Become Reality...

Right Now You Feel...

Overwhelmed trying to do it on your own; making mistakes not knowing how to run a business. 

Frustrated that you can't find business mentoring that isn't mixed up with new age "spirituality". You're questioning your worth and wondering why you're not as successful as everyone else.


Now Imagine... 

Feeling like a real business owner, no longer stuck, overwhelmed and confused, but one who actually knows what they're doing and can move the business forward?



Setting the business foundations in place while partnering with God to build a profitable business that serves, fulfills it's purpose and makes an impact.... without the compromise! 


I help soloprenuers like you using my 20 year corporate background, 12 years business experience and  personal faith journey, I can share my knowledge and experience to help you to build your faith, business, impact & you.  


I believe that you're worth or it. You're called to it. You can do it.

What Some Clients Have Said?

Soniamarie has helped me gain so much clarity and direction with my business. I do not know where my business would be without her!  The extensive knowledge and understanding which she has in relation to all aspects of business is amazing!


Working with Soniamarie helped me to get an understanding of my duties as a business owner and most importantly how to implement policy in a scaleable way...If you’re willing to put in the effort, then Sonia is and together you’ll get the right outcome for your business.


Soniamarie supported me in re-thinking the purpose of my company, as well as how to scale back unrelated services to ensure I was focused.  She is able to cut through your confusion very quickly.


As a result of my work with Soniamarie, I've got three new clients in one week. I'm much more focused on planning and splitting large tasks into smaller more achievable ones. I love mindset advice and Soniamarie has lots of knowledge around this area.


Want To Work With Me ?

I love to work up close and personal with action takers who are serious about running a real business based on integrity, doesn't compromise values and makes an impact.

Those people who understand that having a successful business takes faith and action.

If you want my eyes on your business, this can happen in two ways: 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

By Application Only

This high touch support is for you only if you're serious about taking action and putting in the work necessary to transform your mindset and up-level your business. You will get access to my business resource portal for the duration of the time.


I will pray with you, hold you accountable, encourage you, teach you what I know and push you to do your best. But, only if you're ready to take ownership.  We will have two calls per month and you will get Voxer support from me in between - I will be have my time and attention to help you get the results and transformation you desire.


Depending on what you need, we can look at areas like:

  • Transforming your mindset to one that's need to up-level
  • Look at your strategy and create the roadmap for your goals
  • Go over your business fundamentals to identify gaps
  • Learning our business numbers and how to track them
  • Map out your business flows and processes
  • Creating a sales strategy to hit your income 
  • Look at biblical business strategies to ensure you business is not compromising your faith and values.

F.A.B Program

(F.A.B stands for Faith & Action in Business)

Faith & Fundamentals is a group mentoring program focusing on teaching business fundamentals along with Biblical strategies to support them.

The aim is to provide the knowledge needed to build a business a successful business on the solid foundations of strategies and Biblical principles.​

The Faith & Business Circle

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