A Snapshot of My Journey...

The Corporate Years 2000-2012 

My professional career in Human Resources started in 2000 (I won't include office jobs before that).  I started from the bottom of the HR ladder as a HR administrator.  I worked my way up to becoming a HR Business Partner, managing people and working in Head Offices in both the USA and UK. I got my degree and qualifications HR including an MA level in Employment Law. My entire career revolved around understanding people in business. I done a lot of coaching, mentoring & teaching of leaders and managers. I was blessed to be in positions that operate behind the business scenes; seeing how it all works and getting involved in strategy, business planning and decision making. Sitting at the boardroom table inputting into key decisions with the decision makers.

The Entrepreneurial Years Started in 2008... 

This is the year that I started my official "side hustle" while working full time. It wasn't easy but I knew that I needed to do more than the day job. So I created a CV writing & career coaching business. I also got into my passion for event planning and started that business too. Yes, I was running 2 business AND in full time work! So, I learnt time management, how to be productive, how to get help, how to outsource, market myself, manage finances and the books, build websites, selling, networking and everything that came my way. It was a lot of work, but gave me invaluable experience, learning and insight.  

The Leap Of Business Faith in 2012

This was the year that I basically had enough of the 9-5 and I wanted to branch out. No more side hustling. I knew there was more for me to do and I couldn't be confined to the box I was in. I loved business. I loved my life. Fitting life into 2 days per week didn't work for me anymore. I wanted my work to fit around my life.  So, I left a high-paying job with all the perks including car, travel, hotels with absolutely no plan! I would love to say I had it all figured out, but I didn't. I winged it and relied on what I knew. I had no help or support either. 

From Then Until Now

Since the start of my journey in 2008, I have run 4 profitable service-based businesses and have also closed the ones that no longer aligned with mission and vision. It's all a part of my being true to myself and realising that change was ok.   I have learnt that if you no longer love something, it's fine to move on. Messy progress is better than perfection. I found out what it's like to struggle in business and also what it's like to have consistent revenue and profit. I learned what it truly means to lead a business and to step up as a leader, owning the space you're in and the mindset shift that comes with that. I now focus on pouring out all of my knowledge, experience, learning, success and mistakes into helping others who also want to be bold in business.

What I Love & What I Do...

Supporting action-taking business owners  and leaders who want to step up and step out in faith. Who want to find the courage to be themselves without compromsng. Helping those who are committed to investing in their growth

Speaking, Presenting & Teaching

Using my voice to share knowledge, expertise,  to encourage, inspire and be a catalyst to the courageous and intentional action in others.  Doing this through workshops, events and training.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Being your cheerleader encouraging and pushing you to be and do better. Holding you to account and even praying with you (if you are also of Christian faith) and for you and your business. Working high touch with you if you're truly committed.

Finding The Joy!

Enjoying life and having fun with those around me. Life and business does not have to be so serious. One of the perks of running your own business is that you can create the life that you want and live!

Do I sound like what you've been looking for?

Choose your pathway...

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