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I want to meet your needs whether that is through delivering a talk at your event or facilitating training in a workshop.  I combine my expertise in leadership and people with business knowledge gained over the last 20+ years, to equip, empower and encourage your audience. 


I understand that booking the right speaker and trainer for your event is important. It is always my primary goal to bring my best self to your business which includes being passionate, engaging,  inspiring and a catalyst to the shift your audience desires, wants and needs to move forward courageously. 


My aim is to create an experience that your audience will not forget and will thank you for inviting them to be a part of.  I believe in the power of using my voice to make a difference to those who I have the honour to share it with. My goal is to always use it in a way that achieves your objectives, vision and desired outcome in the setting where you have booked me to speak.  

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20+ Years Experience

Worked in UK & USA

Where I Speak

For over 20 years, I have supported leaders who desire to reach their fullest potential and progress from where they are now, to where they want to be. Whether you want me to deliver a keynote, be part of a panel or deliver a workshop, I will use my combination method, I inspire, empower and equip leaders to excel via the following pathways:

  • Event & Conference Speaking

Speaking & Training

All topics can be customised to suit your audience and specific objectives

Speaking Topics

Seminar/Training Topics

5 Reasons To Book For Your Event...

Engaging, Energetic & Fun

Soniamarie brings her bubbly personality to everything she does in order to relax, engage and interact with her audience. 

Subject Expert & Educator

With over 20+ years in her field, she brings expert knowledge and an educational experience to the audience so that they leave with increased knowledge, devleopment and food for thought.

Inspiring & Informative

She attracts and holds the attention of her audience with her confident and succinct presentation of the information that people care about and sometimes do not realise they need to know. 

Adaptive & Flexible

She is able to adapt her style and delivery to suit the needs of the organisation, event organiser and audience. Taking into account different learning styles, objectives and desired outcomes.

Passionate About People

Soniamarie is known to be a people person and loves to engage and interact with people from all walks of life. She loves diversity, in its most purest form  - embracing the differences in people and the business setting is a great place to share and experience this.  Being a catalyst to growth and dvelopment in people is at her core.


Soniamarie was an engaging, much loved speaker who spoke at my online event on the powerful topic of diversity and inclusion in the online space. She delivered it in an empathic way that called people up and made them truly think about what needs to change, and how that change can start with them. I would love to book her again to speak.

Gemma Went

Founder of Elevate Live  

When looking for a guest speaker to come into my 2500+ strong FB group Soniamarie came to mind. She’s straight talking, to the point yet delivers with a positive up-beat personality. She’s a pleasure to work with and brought so much value during her talk. The members engaged well with her live training and I would have her back to speak in a heartbeat.

Chanelle Sergerius-Bruce 

International Business Coach

Soniamarie came to speak to my members on Successful Superwomen about all things race, diversity and inclusion from the HR perspective. Sonia is an incredible speaker who comes highly recommended, she is super knowledgable when it comes to all matters of HR, this is why I knew I wanted her to come into my group and deliver this session.

Bhavna Pandya-Barratt

Successful Superwomen

Working with Sonia helped me to get an understanding of my duties as a business owner and most importantly how to implement HR policy in a scaleable way…

Henry Hilsdon

Huntsmill Partnerhip


Sonia delivered an excellent training programme to the management team that has further enhanced HR processes within the Company. The internal training and development has most certainly provided the management team with additional structured management tools that has significantly improved their HR skills to manage their teams efficiently.

Jason Kukard

Nursing 2000


Sonia gave some training recently for members of the UKAWP. Many of our members are getting ready for expanding so Sonia’s training was so beneficial for them. Her training style is friendly and infectious, in essence it’s fun to learn with Sonia.

Bernadette Chapman


I absolutely loved this session. I loved Soniamarie's energy, how down to earth she was and how she made me feel lit its ok, I can do this.  I just need to be me and take teh action, keep learning and be aware.

Audience Member 

Elevate Live  

I’ve called on Soniamarie on a couple of occasions to speak in my various groups online in her expert areas. She always brings an incredible energy as well as superb knowledge and wisdom to share.


If you’re looking for a speaker then don’t hesitate to book her!


Kelly Mortimer 

International Sales Expert

I absolutely loves this session... i had goosebumps for ages and so many ideas ringing about...

Audience Member

Elevate Live

I wanted to say thank you so much for your course it was amazing! I have definitely taken some really helpful tips from it. Really great, thought-provoking and easy to see where I can improve (and also where I am doing well!).  It was a great session and everyone loved it!

Nina Beer


I just wanted to say thank you for today’s Webinar. It was brilliant and I learnt a lot. There is a lot to do especially in the industry I am in as the BAME community is seriously under represented and this must change.  I am of a handful of women of colour in the industry and it can feel very lonely at times. You are doing amazing work. Thank you.

Gayathrie Seewoosurrun



Yesterday was really great and helped cement some real knowledge of how to work as a business as well as a person who wants to promote and encourage and represent diversity and equality. Thanks so much, I feel very empowered!

Rebecca Hoh-Hal


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