Business & Leadership consulting  to help you get unstuck, find your inner CEO and set your foundations to support your business growth

Business & Leadership consulting  to help you get unstuck, get rid of overwhelm and set your foundations to support your business growth.

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Leaders...  


Do you feel like you want more for yourself  as a leader, your business and team but unsure how to push things to the next level?



Whether you are an independent business owner, lead a small team or you are an entrepreneur with a growing business, I understand that there are times when you feel a little stuck and unsure how to move forward.  Let's be real, being in charge is rewarding, but hard work!  You don't always have the answers.


Does any of this sound familiar?


You find it hard to ask for help because you "should know what to do".


You are overwhelmed with the responsibility don't know what you should be doing next. 


You have objectives and goals in mind but no strategy to get there.


You want more for yourself, team and business but do not know how to move forward.

You are not sure how to fully embrace your role as a leader to make the impact that you want.



What if I told you that it's possible to get your mojo back?!


I am Soniamarie,


A Business and Leadership consultant, I am all about empowering YOU!

The business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, the person calling their own shots, yes you.  I am here to support you to be audacious in business and to take the actions needed to grow.  You may already be pretty established and progressing well, but you know there is more for you to do. We can discover what it is and make a plan to do it! 


use my experience as an award winning entrepreneur, my background as a senior HR professional and as an individual who knows what it takes to build a business, to help you shift to the next level.


As a HR Business Partner I have trained, mentored and supported leaders just like you to get unstuck and embrace thier leadership role.  Working with the decision makers in  corporates and SME's has been my thing for many years and I truly enjoy seeing their improvement and development.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, business owner or leader working in corporate, I can help you to redefine what you think is possible for your life through business and leadership. It really isn't that hard once you commit to doing better, you can.  

The only way to make a change, is to make a change!

Just imagine ...

  •  Finally beating the feeling of overwhelm and lack of clarity but instead, being able to define what success means for you and knowing exactly what you need to do to get it

  •  Having access to a professional who has been where you are can can relate to you as well as encourage, support and hold you accountable to making improvements

  • Being crystal clear on where you are going as a leader and having a mapped out plan of action that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be

  • Having the confidence in yourself as a leader. Whether you have a team or not, you are a leader of yourself.

  • Beating procrastination and being super productive so that you can completely nail your zone of genius and truly show up for your business, clients, your team and yourself

  • Hitting your financial, business and personal goals and achieving the outcomes that you want

  • Know how to use effectively use what you have in your hands right now to its fullest potential along with creating processes that will not only serve you, but support where you are taking your business and career 

Yes! This is possible. I have done it so can you!

My Business Story....


When I decided to leave the corporate world and work for myself full time back in 2012, I thought that I would finally be free to do what I want and live life on my own terms and to an extent I did. I no longer had to get up everyday to join the rat race of getting to work, caught up in rush hour each day.


I could choose when I wanted to work, plan my work, plan my work and didn't need approval.

Yes, I was finally free to it how I wanted to!


But, reality soon set in... The discipline and motivation that made up the very core of my entire being wasn’t as strong as I thought.  Suddenly, I was responsible for everything. I was now a leader of myself.  Quite simply put, if I didn’t do it, it would not happen! There was no one to fall back on. No department to go to and ask. 


I had to bust a gut to promote my business, find clients, do the actual work, maintain the vision and keep those sales coming in. I knew that I wanted more for myself, business and team, but I felt overwhelmed and didn't know how move forward.  I was pulled in every direction and felt stagnant.  

That is when I realised that I had to work smarter and not harder if I wanted to grow.  I had to think like a CEO .


I reviewed my processes and got organised to prepare for my growth. I figured out what I needed help with and got it. I created a small team of people who could support me.  I started to take a birds eye view and figured out where I wanted to go and what I needed to do to get there. I got around like-minded people and I got a business coach. 


As a result, I was able to serve my clients better. I was less tired and overwhelmed. I had direction and could work on my business and not just in it.  My actions were intentional and I was now moving forward.  I could go for more opportunities. More business, meant more cash flow.   The change happened when I decided to do things differently.  I realised that I would not get to the new place in my business by doing what I had always done. 


I got the help that I needed and went for it.

What help do you need that you are not asking for? 


Be honest with yourself, are you getting in your own way?

When you work with me, I will help you to...

  • Get clear on where you are taking your business and team (if you have one), but mapping out your strategy so that you are focused and have direction.

  • Think and operate like a CEO  and become a leader of yourself, team and business 

  • Get the right mindset for growth and build your confidence.  You need to know that you can do it because being you is your super power!

  • Review your current way of working to maximise on processes that are benefiting your business and changing those that longer support your growth.

  • Create a specific action plan so that you know exactly what you need to do be doing each day, week, month to actually get you to your goals. 

  • Grow and develop your dream team to drive your business forward.  There is power in people and I will show you how to lead and engage this powerful asset. 

  • Set your goals and smash them by keeping you accountable!

What some of my clients have said....

“Soniamarie delivered an excellent training programme to the management team that has further enhanced HR processes within the Company. The internal training and development has most certainly provided the management team with additional structured management tools that has significantly improved their skills to manage their teams efficiently.


We have noticed a drastic reduction in HR issues across all departments. I would confidently recommend Soniamarie as a people partner to any company."

Jason Kukard,

Operations Director

“I’ve completed a mentoring session with Sonia which proved to be invaluable in helping me to progress with my business. She had helped me to clearly determine and evaluate key aims and purposes for my business setting me on track to fine tune my services and price points which was something I was struggling with. Sonia possesses a no nonsense approach but does so with such love and encouragement. I am so thankful for Soniamarie and look forward to more mentoring sessions with her in the future.”

Sheila Karim

Founder, Sheila Karim Events

“Coming up to a year in my business, I felt a bit confused with the services and branding, trying to do everything all at once. This is where Soniamarie came into full effect, in one conversation she provided me with her knowledge, effective guidance and support. 


Soniamarie supported me in re-thinking the purpose of my company, as well as how to scale back unrelated services to ensure I was focused. 


She is able to cut through your confusion very quickly and give doable suggestions that you can execute in your business.

Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson,

Founder, Life Essence

“Working with Soniamarie helped me to get an understanding of my duties as a business owner and most importantly how to implement policy in a scaleable way.  


For any other business owners who are considering whether to work with Soniamarie or not, my advice is to stop thinking about it and do it.  Also, as always, don’t make any investment that you aren’t willing to back up with your own time. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then Sonia is and together you’ll get the right outcome for your business. 

Henry Hilsdon

Director, Huntsmill Farm

Ways to Work With Me

Power Up Session 


One Time Payment

Laser focused 1-hour online zoom call to help you with a specific area of your business: 

  • get clarity and direction
  • set goals and action plan
  • discuss an idea or issue

You will walk away with a mini action plan to kick start your change and get your mojo back!

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In person option available.

90-Day Mentoring


Payment Plan available

1:1 support & accountability to help you turn a corner as a leader and get unstuck:

  • Initial planning call
  • 6 x 1 hour online sessions   
  • Training and resources provided as needed
  • Support via Messenger or Voxer throughout

In person option available.

Intensive VIP Day


Payment Plan Available

Intensive day to get stuff done and make an immediate changes. It includes:

  • Initial planning call
  • 5-hour in person session in London
  • Action plan to take away
  • Resources provided as needed for your after work
  • 7 days Messenger or Voxer support to follow up


It is time to become the changemaker that you're meant to be and unleash your inner leader! 

Let's Do This!....


So, you are ready to invest in yourself and get the help you need?


You are ready to make the changes you need to grow your business, develop yourself and get the results you desire?


Ready to get rid of the overwhelm and lack of direction to become super clear with an action plan to match?


Ready to put the foundations in place to support the next phase of your personal and business growth?


Well it starts here!


Book your discovery call with me to find out how I can become your wing woman and help you get it done!

“As a result of working with Soniamarie, my knowledge on workers’ rights has improved and I know have the appropriate contracts in place for my team.  My team are excited about their new salary & benefits and remain highly skilled and highly motivated to work with my business.”​

Roxanne, Director of Catering Company

Book your 20 minute discovery call today to see we are are a good fit 

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